The extraordinary random acts of art adventure: inspiration, excitement and creative exchanges in a pouch that goes around the world passing from my “raft of art therapy”

I just sent a package in India. Contains small objects that smell like world, art and randomness, vibrating intense emotions.

IMG_20140908_143638Art therapy is also made of extraordinary real trips!


If you know the theory of six degrees of separation, you know that everyone and everything is six or fewer steps away, by way of introduction, from any other person in the world, so that a chain of “a friend of a friend” statements can be made to connect any two people in a maximum of six steps. Inspired by this concept “6 Degrees of Creativity” is an on-line community created by Art Therapy Alliance community organizer Gretchen Miller, MA, ATR-BC that includes workshops, projects, and opportunities to explore concepts and ideas related to themes about transformation, collaboration, and using art for good.

Is inspired by the power of social networking, the arts, and interactive creativity to make a difference through art-making, creative goodness, and community.wpid-img_20140908_112730.jpg

Gretchen organizes adventures often involving artists and art therapists around the world and, in recent years, several small works inspired by “6 degrees of creativity” took the form of art therapy on my raft, and then move in many different directions, stimulating contacts, friendships, new projects and collaborations.

In May 2013, the picture of an original canvas pouch that has the words “Practice Random Acts of Art” printed across the front catch my attention. Excited and ready for a new adventure, I immediately responded to the call for participants in Gretchen’s blog. Schermata 2014-09-08 alle 15.47.20

That little bag, made ​​by Pamela Barsky, will have 60 stops over the next 17 months (more or less!) to destinations in the US, Canada, Italy, the UK, India, Singapore, New Zealand, and Australia… Wow, what a thrill!

So, from July 1, 2013, through the Facebook page of 6 degrees of creativity, I follow the path of this amazing little purse, that brings creativity and is filled with new creative goodness at each stage.

I am enchanted by the beautiful tracks that each participant of the adventure includes in the lovely passport that Gretchen has entrusted the task of witness. passport#2

creative passport#2From Ohio, through the word “practice random acts of art” , this little pouch remember anyone who receives it, to free their creative force spontaneously , without much thought, accepting and supporting random acts, the simple gestures, the play of color or creative small incidents that make each piece unique and can convey beauty to those who benefit.

Creating something with the materials chosen by others, it is like start a dialogue with the deepest part of himself, through images, textures and nuances of seemingly different and distant but allows opening new possibilities, deviates from the preset.

Random acts have really nothing to envy to the extraordinary creative acts of the great artists, when it comes to personal well-being.interno pouch

This is demonstrated by the fact that a simple canvas bag is doing around the world, linking a lot of different people, ready to play and get in the game thanks to its content.

And every time it empties and fills with new fragments, fantastic vibration stirs even they sow connections in the name of art and uncertainty or rather, of synchronicity.

Also any work done with the materials in the bag, becomes chance encounter of stories that create or reveal new or old stories, always polite and light, because filtered by a sort of safe distance that contains, reassuring and warm. The author can choose to donate, send or leave it “accidentally” somewhere the outcome of creation, so that the magic of the case continues on its way.

Almost as if it were the only rule: focus on the process and pure emotions that arise from the “to do” instinctive, from contact with the elements, have fun and simply creates .

Realizing small creative goodness, the process is driven by passion and enthusiasm, the desire to listen and get to leave its mark unique and original.

pagina lizzieThis is clear by looking at the pieces of art that are in the creative passport: between buttons and beads, paper clips and glitter, threads, fabrics, papers, colors, words and brush strokes, you can tap the looks, the desires, passions and hopes of artists and art therapists in search of

new inspiration, harmonies and emotions.

work in progressPlaying with all these materials smelling world, personally I could travel in my story, I think I created piece of art that speaks to me of  me, in the world: I recall emotions, memories and dreams that have the aftertaste of the land where I was born, and the lines and boundaries of several people who look like me in something.

Even the idea of parting with these creations, gives me some pleasure, as I have already offered much in the moment they come to light. What I hope now is that they can give a smile, a hope or a touch of positivity to those who find them somewhere and somehow when.

Me and my “raft of art therapy” we are absolutely honored and proud to be the #38th stop of this adventure, which transmits and brings together the flavors and moods of creative people who , at this point you might say casually, representing the United States, Canada, UK, Italy, India, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia.wpid-img_20140907_174515.jpg

Missing “only” 24 stops in 5 other countries of the world and our little bag, which is no longer white, will return home after having spread and breathed magic, passion, love, lightness and freedom of art and sharing.

A special thanks to Gretchen, passionate creator and curator of all this; Lizzie and “artevolution”, who took care of the pouch before me have sent me a beautiful gift; Tia and “create and transform”, awaiting my package in India full of enthusiasm; and all the nice people we met, and yet to be met, including a page or post , during this fantastic Random Acts of Art Adventure!


And… does not stop there: soon I’ll show you what I’ve done with all the materials and where I left my little random acts of art 🙂

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  1. what a beautiful post about this creative & connecting adventure— thank you! ❤ -gretchen

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    1. it’s really a unique experience, Gretchen! Thanks to you 😀

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